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Frequently asked questions

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About Thingle

What is Thingle?

Thingle is a Marketplace that sells second-hand and/or refurbished products. We guarantee that these products exactly match the advertisers' description , as they are evaluated before delivery.
Thingle charges a commission of 6% of the global value of each sale on the platform.


How does a product evaluation work?

All products sold through the platform are shipped to a specialized partner who will test them and ensure they comply with the condition described in the sale advertisement.
Only products purchased from certified partners on Thingle have a guarantee, the same as that guaranteed to any consumer when purchasing something in a store.
In addition to private users, Thingle has companies that operate on the platform like any online store. Products sold in certified stores do not are subject to expert assessment. Stores are responsible for their condition and provide all legal and tax guarantees and obligations regarding them.
The trial service has a variable cost, which is included in the fee paid by the buyer to Thingle. This cost varies depending on the product.
When you sell a product, you schedule its collection. It is automatically sent to the partner who will carry out the evaluation.
As soon as the product has a positive evaluation, the money is automatically made available in your wallet
If the product is not approved, the buyer is contacted by Thingle who will send the evaluation report. This is given the chance to repair (if applicable, the costs are shared or entirely borne by the seller) to decide whether to accept it or not, the product is returned to the seller and the money is returned to the buyer. from the moment of purchase.

Product shipping

Who bears the costs of shipping the product?

Product shipping is fully paid by the buyer.
After obtaining payment confirmation for the product, on the My Sales page, select the Schedule Collection button.
After scheduling, the shipping label only becomes available close to the collection date. You will receive the label in your email as soon as available.
You can contact Thingle to schedule a new collection, or deliver to a drop-off point of the respective carrier.

Sales and Negotiation

I sold a product. Now, how do I receive the money?

After signing up to the platform, users must register with Stripe. The money will be available in your Stripe Wallet when the trial is positive and can be removed after approximately 5 working days of validation.
thingle's negotiation process was developed in such a way that there is no need to respond to offers. Only if the offer is from your The interesting thing is that you can click the “accept” button on the “My offers” page
You can accept them all, but only the buyer who makes the payment first will receive the product.
Yes. All offers can be canceled until payment is made.
There is no limit, but only the latest offer for this product is active.
Used. It's the new one.
Accountability requires us all to do our part.
How does Thingle work?
The evaluation and transportation process is completely integrated into thingle. From door to door.
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